Looking For Dance Partners --

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Looking For A Male Dance Partner --

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 10/27/10 - In my 50's female, 5 ' 3" had a dance partner for 9 years . I live in the Royal Oak area. I love to dance swing, hustle and open for other dancing as well. :) I go to the singles dances on Friday and Saturday nights but would like to find a more proficient dance partner.
http://www.lindakoski.com. (772) 214-9822.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 5/17/10 -I am a sophomore from Okemos High School looking for someone near my age who is somewhat experienced in dance. I plan to take a latin ballroom class this summer. I have been dancing ballet for
almost eight years, so I am not completely new to dance. My name is Vivian and can be contacted at liuyvvv@comcast.net.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) I am looking for a dance partner or partners to dance International Smooth (Fox Trot, Quick Step, Waltz, Tango & Viennese Waltz) and American social dances(EC Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Salsa) for practice, fun and/or competition. I just competed for the first time in the Michigan Dance Challenge in the Newcomer and Pre-Bronze categories and had a ball. I dance regularly in the Ann Arbor area at Come Dancing studio and U of M Ballroom and at Dance Elite on Fridays in West Bloomfield. I have been dancing social dances three years and international a little over a year. I am 66, retired with flexible hours and good income, in good shape and I work-out at the gym regularly. Age of a partner does not matter to me – having fun with a good dance partner does. Lane Hotchkiss, Ann Arbor, lanehotchkiss@comcast.net, cell 734-730-7209.

stbal.gif (992 bytes)  I am a 74 year old widow and would to find someone who likes to dance in the Lansing area. I am 5' 2" but have no problem dancing
with a tall person. My husband was 6' 4". My name is Pat and I can be contacted at :

 stbal.gif (992 bytes)  5/7/08 - My name is Caryn, and I live in Farmington Hills, and I’m looking for a dance partner between 45-60 for Salsa, Ballroom.
I have been dancing since I was 13 years old, and would love to find someone to dance with. You may contact me at: velvetyskin1@aol.com   or call at 248-722-5034.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 4/6/08 - Hi, My name is Keisha and I am 24 years old. I live in the Detroit area, and am looking for an intermediate to advanced Stepping and Ballroom partner to attend classes with, also other dance functions.  I have been dancing off and on for about three years now and I'm looking to become more advanced with an experienced parter.  I'm open to all ages and races just as long as you can dance. Contact me at ms_keisha01@sbcglobal.net.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 11/2/07 My name is Tammy. I'm 5'6 145 lbs. Looking for a dance partner to take lessons, practice, attend social dances and possibly compete in time. I want to learn and grow in everything! I was a disco partner, and we did basic cha cha, waltz, and a little tango, we made up our own routines. It's been 20 years since dancing in a studio with a partner. I've been practicing and realized how much I love it and want to bring my shoes out of retirement with the right partner. I'm willing to practice at least once a week out in Oakland County Clarkston area. Very passionate and need to dance again!
Contact me at redsngbluz@aol.com  

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 10/11/07 I am looking for a MALE dance partner in the Ann Arbor / Detroit area. I'm at the intermediate level in Latin/Salsa, Tango, and Ballroom dance styles.
My goal is to train to compete in these different dance styles in the near future.   I'm 5'9", 150lbs, medium athletic build.

My schedule is somewhat flexible to practice at least 2 to 3 times per week (mornings, afternoon, or evening).
I'm looking for an advanced dance partner that is willing to teach me. I learn fast and I'm great at taking instruction and applying it. Please contact me at 216hunter@gmail.com.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 3/13/07 - Female age 31 seeking a male partner age 25-50 for serious Ballroom/Stepping practices.  I have been Ballroom dancing for about two years and am looking to teach Basic Ballroom,
to give a little about my experiece. I am looking to boost my experience and have a regular partner in my area for weekly practices.
I am located in the Redford/Livonia area, Metro Detroit. Contact me at: necielite@talkamerica.net.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 1/17/06 Looking for a male dance partner in the Grand Haven/Holland area. I am 57 years young, 5’3”, 125# , blonde and have previous experience in country dancing (two step, swing, line and waltz).
I would like to find a partner in the area who loves to dance for fun or competition and would be interested in taking lessons or would like to teach me.  mhunt14013@charter.net

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 9/9/06 I live between Mt.Pleasant/Clare, do beginner line dancing at Mecosta Senior Center on Mon & Wed mornings, and occassionally at the Mt. Pleasant Dance studio on Thursday evenings.
I just like to dance and it's more fun with a partner. Over 60.  marilyn_e_2626@yahoo.com 

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 9/3/06 - I live in the Lansing area, and am looking for a male dance partner for MSU Ballroom Dance Club lessons and other inexpensive lessons and
dances in the area. I'm new to dance, and dance for fun only. Maryjudith50@yahoo.com.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 9/3/06 - Am looking for a mature male dance partner, 58-68. Living in Tri-city area and has had some experience in ballroom dancing.
I've had lessons in ballroom dancing but have not danced regularly in some time.
Look forward to more dancing/lessons. pjanedrmom@sbcglobal.net.

stbal.gif (992 bytes)  9/2/06 - I live in the Mt. Pleasant/Shepherd area and am a novice dancer. Looking for a male dance partner to take any type of dance lessons, preferable one night a week, Thursdays, at Mt. Pleasant's dance studio. Good way to keep fit!  Email: suzi642004@yahoo.com.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 8/26/06 -  I live in Battle Creek, own a mobile, social dance studio, & looking for a male dance partner(s) with beginning/intermediate steps already learned.
I need someone with a flexible schedule to do dance events during days, evenings, weekends, etc. for fun.
I enjoy ballroom, line, country, & club dancing in Calhoun, Kalamazoo, & surrounding counties. Please email Colleen@dance2life.com   for discussion.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 8/20/06 - I live in Canton and take lessons in Dearborn, Canton and Ann Arbor and dance at Intermediate Level. 
I have taken lessons in Salsa, American Tango, Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Jive and Rhumba.
I am 38, 5' 3", 132 pounds. My email address is: dahlasandpetunias@yahoo.com.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 8/20/06 - I live in Fraser, and take lessons in all Ballroom Dances at Bronze 4 Level. 
Am looking for a dance partner for social dances, weddings, dinner dances, etc. I am 63, 5'6" 128 pounds.
Email: carolynp@wowway.com - Fall down seven times......get up eight!

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 8/20/06 - I live in Novi and practice in 
Novi, Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills area (Metro Detroit).
I need a partner to work and grow with in Latin Styles and Argentine Tango who is as passionate as me and loves to perform (eventually).
This partner must want to practice at least once a week and more if performing with me.   Please feel free to contact me directly at: nniikkii77@yahoo.com.

Looking For A Female Dance Partner --

  stbal.gif (992 bytes) 8/23/14  I am currently 17 years old and am looking for a female competitive partner. I specialize in International Latin, and live in the Farmington Hills/Novi area. I do not have a strong preference in a specific age, and just looking for a serious, hardworking competitor. Please contact me at mijags05@gmail.com if interested.

stbal.gif (992 bytes)  2/3/08 - I am 6'1" athletic build, and 41 from Farmington Hills. I compete in International Standard and Theater Arts at Gold and Open levels.
I had a separate partner for each, taller partner for Standard and a more petite partner for Theater Arts, but about two years ago they both moved out of state for job transfers.  I am looking for new partners and I am flexible as to their skill level and practice times. 
Mark Z (248) 935-9196.

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 9/03/08 - I have recently moved to Eaton Rapids from Austin, Texas and am looking for a female dance partner who can two step at a min. Preferably zydeco, three step, and waltz as well. I am 23yrs old 6'3" athletic. Contact at Alex - chandler19d@hotmail.com or myspace friend finder under the name Invisibly Shaken or type directly www.myspace.com/148986309

stbal.gif (992 bytes) 02/16/08 - I am looking for a female beginner dance partner who is interested in practicing salsa for up to 4 hours a week. I am a novice in dancing, have learned a few basic steps. I am 29, 5'7" 150 pounds.
If you are within driving distance from
Farmington Hills, please contact me at els3w4ere@yahoo.com.

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