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Vintage, New & Future Consignments

If you have any questions on the items below, you can contact me directly at: 
In addition to dancing, I'm also interested in antiquing, and love
vintage things, although I don't wear many of them. 
I've been a personal shopper for many friends, and decided to
 put items up on my web site for purchase. 
The buyer must pay the shipping/handling charges and insurance if they wish for it,
 unless of course we can arrange to meet at a mutual destination, dance, etc.

I'm assisting my husband with another web site/list for Antique & Estate sale announcements, news and a place to find out information on Estate Sale Dealers, etc.  
This list let will let you know about these sales in advance and you will know when they are going to discount the contents of the homes/businesses, extend their sale, or have a bag sale. 

We'll even give you tips on making the most of your shopping trips!
If you would like to be included you can write to me at
 and request to be added to the list. 
You can also visit, or visit the web site to subscribe. 

Coast Shoes Size 7.jpg (100691 bytes)  Coast Shoes Side Picture.jpg (85538 bytes) 
One pair of gently worn Coast Dance Shoes Size 7. Definately size 7, not 7 1/2 or 6 1/2. I've had many try them so know this!   $35.00
Dance_vertical.jpg (173532 bytes) 
Vertical "Dance" Pin in Genuine Austrian Crystals  $ 13.50
I_Wanna_Dance.jpg (248112 bytes) 
"I Wanna Dance" Pin in Genuine Austrian Crystals  $ 20.00
Swing_Pin.jpg (109730 bytes) 
"Swing" Pin in Genuine Austrian Crystals  $ 15.00
Dance_Underlined.jpg (14773 bytes) 
"Dance" D and Under Line in Genuine Austrian Crystals the rest in Gold Tone $ 9.00
Dance_Two_Tone.jpg (240856 bytes) 
"Dance" in Gold Tone and in Genuine Austrian Crystals  $  12.00
Dancer.jpg (169506 bytes) 
"Dancer" Pin in Genuine Austrian Crystals  $ 13.50

Drop me an email if you wish to purchase a pin.  They are only available in small quantities.
I had no idea if anyone would wish to purchase so didn't buy a large amount.
You can contact me at:  
Perhaps we'll be able to save on postage if attending an event at the same time, if not ,
I would mail in a small padded envelope and I know postage wouldn't be very expensive.   Brenda

Vintage Swing Coat in black and white check/hounds-tooth. Extremely attractive.
Lined with silk like material, was probably black, but has turned to an
even color of dark dark purple. 
I did dry clean it and press it, but it did get put into my closet so does need another press. 
For those of you who like the vintage look, this coat is for you. 
 It does fit me, I believe it is probably size Medium. 
The pockets on it have buttons on them and some great detail. 
I hope I've gotten all of the angles so that you may be able to see this jacket. 
It is about hip length on me.  I'm showing it on a dress form that is size small,
so it doesn't fit quite properly. 

  frontofswingjkt.jpg (44757 bytes) backofswingjkt.jpg (38662 bytes) 

$30.00 Buyer to pay shipping, Insurance is extra. 
Double click to see the pictures larger. 
This sale is for a pair of vintage dress or fur clips in brass I believe. 
They have black gorgeous designs in them in black on shiny gold and brushed gold. 
These are of high quality, shown front and back, they are unsigned. 

$10.00.  Buyer to pay shipping, Insurance is extra. 
Double click to see the pictures larger. 

This sale is for a set of vintage onyx sweater guards set in silver tone - don't know that they are silverplate,
should be polished, connected by silver chain.  The hat has no rips or tears, is very clean, in extremely good condition. 

onyxsweaterguard.jpg (43303 bytes)  
Buyer to pay shipping.  Insurance is extra.  Double click to see the pictures larger! 

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